Sex stories – 12 goddesses (part 1)

“Uhm … Uhm …” Lying down, Diem was easily conquered by her son, her tongue licked into the son tongue, she also took off her shirt for a round ball for Yang Duong.

“Huh? Is there something wrong? “Being happy to touch his mother’s tongue, Duong suddenly realized the problem was unusual. Although feeling very excited but his penis is lying dormant not static.

“Why do you love me?” Seeing Yang pause, Diem asked.

Yang did not answer, he put his hands on the pants to try his penis, without feeling.

“Did not get up? Incorrect! Was…”

“Antelope!” Google suddenly said as if to tease.

Crying not crying

The two-story house was old and dark, it was Yang’s house, an old man who liked to flirt with young girls and often steals from neighbors. Because of the filthy personality that 69 years old and still single funny.
On the upper floor of the building, the Oceanic Room is the only place where light, the light source is the screen of a 32-inch LED TV showing a JAV image of five elderly people dancing to a beautiful young girl. Tao Yang wearing headphones but he turned so loud that despite the roaring noise of the plane, outside the people who snarled screams that he never heard, just stuttering while watching sex just turn his hands.


The plane crashed into the senator’s house, dead.

The Elder Spirit flies through time and enters a middle-aged man.



Before Duong’s eyes, there was a large courtyard with hundreds of people dressed as ancient cosplay standing proudly, seemingly aimed at him. At this time, Duong Duong discovered his hands were tightly bound, legs are kneeling on the floor can not move.

Flickering, a scene before Duong’s eyes suddenly tilted fall and fall, his head flying away from his neck.

“Honey, I just got back!” Yang yelled, heart beating like crazy, breathlessly shocked. Yang realized that he was lying on the ground, above a towering cliff.

“What now?” Yang asked, but suddenly realized his voice was unusually clear, he raised his head to look at his body, not the body of a 69-year-old man but the small white body of A 13-year-old kid raised his hand, a young, handsome white-faced young man who could not help but pull off his pants and sighed at the fact that he had a penis.

Yang began to imagine his tragedy, watching Jav is a blaze in front of dark eyes, when the eyes open again was cursed as a pirate, the sky tilted back and then dark, again woke up I’m 13 years old.

“This is not a substitute? Or do you? “Yang asked silently, but his knowledge of the story was not lost to the young.

“This is a non-incarnation, the subject is a 13-year-old named Vo Phi Duong.”

“Same name?” Yang nodded, he was also Yang but not Phi Yang. “Who said that?” Yang found this steady voice coming from his mind.


“Google?” Ocean eye.

As Duong’s question was clear, his voice was in his head: “Google is a Treasure, which stores all the information of this world. Who gets Google will be the owner of that knowledge. ”

“Museum piece? So how do I get? “Ocean frowned wondering, then a scene like a 3D movie appears in his brain, in the scene is a boy falling from the height, his limbs frantically flutter like a drill Flying tears, peeing in pants (at this time Yang fell to the bottom of the pants, still wet).

The boy falls to the ground, suddenly another light flashes to the bottom of a straight line, a faint cage pops out and shatters because the other beam hits, reveals a light ball The light is transparent as the glass is hanging, the light shot straight into the ball, then the new boy falls, the ball melts into the boy, holding it hovering and lowering the ground.

Dang Duong received knowledge from Google, he understood the glass globe is the Google treasure hidden in an invisible magic cage, the light as the star is the soul Ocean fly to, breaking the cage and Enter into Google, and also occupy the body of Vo Phi Duong.

“Where is this?” Yang asked quietly. A new flow of information infiltrates his brain, forming part of his knowledge.

In this knowledge, Duong knows this is the country of Vietnam in 2016, but in another world, the terrain is different from his Vietnam but the place is similar in many places. The place where he was staying was a deep grove of Cat Tien forest, the body he entered was Vo Phi Duong, a 13-year-old maid was traveling before school, early in the morning, Phi Duong to the brink peeing and blowing down the wind.


“Mother’s son!”

Suddenly there was a call from afar, Duong turned to see a group of people came forward, including a beautiful girl seduced Duong looked at her eyes, tears ran to hug him , causing her two large round breasts to softly squeeze his chest.

“Good night, your son?” Embracing the ocean, she asked.

“D … okay … I’m fine …”
Yang replied, her arms wrapped around her waist, her breasts were big, but waist was slim enough to make Yang love, and add fragrances of seduction from her nose to his passionate. “This is my mother? Bring down the chiffon is happy! “Yang laughed silently goat.

At this time Google in the beginning of Duong said: “Lady lady, 30 years old, beautiful seductive, negligence, is the mother of the family Vo Phi Duong, very pampered son. Hobbies: Trym! ”

“Damn! Surprised! “Yang smiled happily, after two deaths, he was also entered into a sky god, looking at his mother like this, just died. his heart.

“My son told me, why are you jumping? Do you want me to take Lady Le Ly do not you like? “Diem also thought his son jumping suicide should hug comfort it.

“Get married again, 13 years old, unruly!” Yang thought, with 50 years of sex experience, he began to plot.

“Not … I …” He put his face against her mother’s chest, and found she was not wearing a lingerie because she felt her head rub against her face.


“I like other people …” Yang looked up at his mother’s beautiful face, his eyes filled with tears.

“Who do you like? Tell me, my mother!”

“This person is not married …”

“Why do not you, dare dump your mother?”

Yang tightened her mother’s waist, her face shamelessly on her chest.

“Who … say my mother …”

“I … love … I love you!” Yang said in a whisper, making Diem suddenly blushed.

“Let’s go get going, it’s going to be dark,” she said quietly.

Out of the pool, Diem led Duong to the tent, pulling it inside.

“Son tell me, who do you like?” He grinned at his son and asked.

“I love Mom! I want to marry you mother! ”

Yang thought her mother would be surprised and advised, but she just bowed shyly said: “What father is son!”

Seeing Duong’s eyes, he explained: “In old times, father and grandmother often …”

“So you are …” Yang was glad.

“Oh … But you do not marry me, Mom just … teach your son later … with his wife …”

“Okay.” Ocean nodded and then hugged Diem.

“Hey! Who says do it now? Let’s go out! “Diễm avoided, but her lips were pressed into the ocean.

Although not the mother of his soul but Diem is the body of the body that Duong is used to, he also felt her mother intestinal, kissing feelings of the heart of the intestinal fragrance that Duong Duong happy to enjoy.


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