Sex stories – 12 goddesses (part 2)

Back home, Diem sent Yang everywhere to find a cure for impotence, but all hands are no way to cure, but Google in his head only came up with a way that it says the simplest: goddess.
In this world, Vietnam is the only floating land on Earth, both in Vietnam divided into three regions by the three Gods. The people of the three regions believe in the goddesses, including the six elemental goddesses (Ice, Fire, Light, Light, Darkness) and six non-elemental deities (Birth, Death, Space, Time Time, Love, Lust).

Goddess is the most mysterious type of the world, to the Lord level is not to meet is to meet.

In terms of rank, this world holds something called “spirituality.” Physical force is the force of the body, and force is the force of the soul, the person here holds the ability to cultivate the soul and control the force to fight or serve life.

Divisible by 10 levels:

The People – The Spirit – The Spirit – The Spirit – The Spirit – The Spirit – Spirit – God – God – Supreme. Particularly, the goddess is a completely different concept.

Young people up to 13 years of age are allowed to study spiritual development, because the need for puberty, the body and soul begin to improve, and before the practice, the soul and The body is deficient and will cause serious consequences, male can be impotent, infertile, female flat chest, grow trym … Vo Phi Duong capital is very lackluster money, when in advance because of curiosity leaving large amounts of money to buy a pirate smuggling about training to get married with girls, finally born impotent.

All things in the Ocean are learned through Google. Sit thinking back to the new content is loaded into the brain, Duong sporadic not stop blaming him.

“So where is the goddess now?” Yang asked.

“404 Not found …” Google responded more slowly than usual.

“Damn it! Or suicide? No, die two times, the third death is really stupid people! “Ocean hesitated, again stunned by impotence, again sorry for the beautiful young mother who did not eat.

“So is there a way to temporarily make it erect?”

“Have! The Ultimate Force will recreate the body perfectly! “Google responded.

“Well let me go find her goddess ask for water! Grandfather his father … ”

“What about the Lord? A flood of bugs!

God of the stars? A bunch of sextoy!

What about the dragon? A herd of cattle!

I have to meet my arms folded, Ma met me shivering.

Fate, the rules for us are only primary rules. From a 69-year-old man, we cross the world into a 13-year-old boy. Erectile dysfunction? What about the animals? One day I will leave my traces in the womb of all the women of this world! ”

“Do you see me writing or not?” Yang took the piece of paper stating his arrogance in front of him with a satisfied expression.

“Like lumps.” Google’s voice emitted evenly, but Duong sounded like slurs.

Duong was about to come back and knock the door.

“Someone?” Yang asked.

“Mom, darling!”

“What’s wrong?” Ocean light eyes, but painfully remember his dead “boy”.

“A few days ago I told you, today will be a test of nature, I change clothes and mother take me!”


Lady Yang has no doubt that other people incarnate into her son, because after falling into the ocean, Yang not a scratch, only impotence, doctors diagnosed by the near death, Phi Yang instinctively out to force himself to save himself, but due to the body is not complete so impotence born, this type of accident is not the first time so no one suspects, Yang has Google so. Quickly know most of the knowledge that Phi Duong know, only the memories, memories of Duong Duong alone can not know, pretended to be affected accident should forget.

Living in the new world for a few days, Yang found most of his analogy with his world, such as place names, how to calculate time, language … But because of the development of the force that has many other points, The technical education here is quite backward, but what the machines do is the synergy is even better, so that the world does not have factories, the environment is very clean, medium Movements include horses, elephants, purebred animals, or some types of munitions. In architecture, most of the brick, stone and wood, built with the help of spiritual strength, the house looks perfectly perfect, looks like the mini villas in the world of Duong.

Because science is poorly developed, science is very limited. Children who go to school between the ages of six and twelve are most likely to have learned the science, history, and personality of the world. At the age of 13, he began to study spirituality. But not everyone can use spiritual power and not every one is 13 years old, so need a trial.

The test site is quite near the house, Duong sat next to his mother in the carriage, sometimes the shock car made two peach of Diem swinging sexy, causing Duong to crave blood.

The test site is in a large square, in the center of the square is a large marble statue carved in the shape of a beautiful woman dressed in a dress that seems to come out from the leaves, around her there are butterflies also made from The sight of Yang’s eyes is a statue and these butterflies move like living things, this is due to the effect of spiritual force, under the foot of the statue is a board with two words:

“Statue of Divine Destiny

Sculpture: Nguyen Hai ”

Ocean looked around, there are quite many teenagers his age, faces are anxious or eager. A moment later, a woman’s voice echoed from the loudspeaker:

“Notification! It is time to test, ask parents and unrelated people to leave the square, the contestants queuing up to call the name! Repeat…”

“Hurry up honey!” Waved waves and winked at his son making him stare at her.

Standing in the parents, Yang turned his back to see a tall blonde boy smile grinning at it:

“Your mother was so beautiful, I made you jealous!”

She frowned: “Who are you?”

The blonde rolled his eyes, and the Google voice in Yang’s head: “Tran Vu Sinh, 13, a close friend of Vo Duong Duong.”

On hearing that, Duong changed his attitude, laughed and hugged Sinh on his shoulder and said: “Ah! Turns out you are born, where do you go to visit me today? ”

Seeing his best friend suddenly extraordinary enthusiasm, Sinh pushed Yang out and scolded: “What are you? Is the mountain really lost? I told you to play outside, to go home last night! ”

At that moment there was a girl dressed in pink, black hair, extremely cute face, black eyes to attract soul to Ocean eyes, his life has never seen such a beautiful loli.

“Le Ly, the Le family, have a wedding with Vo Duong Duong.” Google understood the idea of ​​providing information to the Ocean. Yang is accustomed to the information suddenly infused into his brain, Google is like a living creature to understand his mind, not the type of machine.

“Ah! The Ocean is with us now! “Ocean waves to greet Ly is a voice shouted loud, then a laughter.

Yang looked over, there was a teenage boy, headed by a pretty boy.

“You damn mother!” He yelled at him, his condition was spread out so many people know, this time exposed in front of his fiancée asked him not to know.

Born standing also clenched fist, it’s name is Sinh Sinh, read as innocent, but the angry it is that they often bully it, which each time they are called Phi Phi to rescue, Phi Yang was humiliated in front of his fiancé, causing him to be angry.

The head boy also saw Le Ly, he immediately left Duong and Sinh, approached Le Ly’s shoulder: “This summer go play happy not me?” He deliberately loudly to tease Ocean.

Which made Duong more insane than Le Ly was shyly nodding his head deliberately, so the fiancé was watching the roadside dog.

“Nguyen Cuu Khoi Lang, Nguyen family home, handsome talented money,” Google said.

“Potato roots? Yang laughed, forget the instant, but quickly snapped his face because Lang saw Le Ly hand, also glanced again teasing Ocean.

Born also mad for his best friend, dive to hit the Lang but Yang kept. Turn to look Yang, it suddenly saw the strangely serious face of his best friend, this is Duong that he knows?

“Shelf it!” Ocean voice, he is anyway a 69-year-old soul, where as easy as stirring up the children.

“These guys are crazy for butterflies!” Yang whispered.

At this time, the female voice said aloud: “Prepare the test, invite the contestants order, name the person up.”

All of them turned their eyes toward the square, next to the statue of the goddess Parish appeared some tables with some men and women are looking at a look like the health balance, the first child forward up and directed to stand on weight, the bar measured height down.

“Nguyen Vang Miewng, 1m40 high, weighs 36kg …”

“Even the test,” Yang said, he thought just measuring the height of weight, the weight suddenly emit blue light.

The female voice shouted: “Inferior spirit of color Lam!”

“Is that so?” Yang asked quietly.

“Spiritual virtue is the ability to develop spirituality, usually divided into six levels: No Color – White – Blue – Green – Yellow – Red. No Color is very hi

Several more people came to Nguyen Cuu Khoi, the crowd was once again dumbfounded, Duong and Sinh biting their teeth. Judges stand up.

Yellow! Is yellow! Even in the South, gold also belongs to the genius! Just to be worthy of fame, will definitely become the Buddha, even the Spirit!

Yang clenched his fist, glancing at Lang as he looked down at Le Ly, who was looking at Lang with a look of pride and pride.

“Yellow? It’s just my water color! “Ocean gritted teeth.

“Vo Phi Duong!”

Judge called, Yang went up, mouth muttering mercilessly: “Red! Red! I like red underwear! ”

Learning experience of Vu Sinh, this time laughter no saturated, only the juniors of Khoi Lang called out: “Pure Ocean!”

Yang stood up on the scale, anxious to forget even the judges read the height and weight, his eyes looking down on the scale as if wanting to out, waiting for the red light to turn up.

No light emitted.

“Judge: No!” The judge shouted, Yang standing dead.

“Ha ha! Got impatient and waste, jumping suicide is true! “At this new crowd began satirizing.

So dumb as to not dare to raise his head, step by step walk away. We have no power, if we find the goddess, if we do not have the status of asking for water, the more we can not reach the Supreme. This life he wasted!

“Hold on!” Suddenly, the most senior judge said.

“What are you doing?” The other judges asked.

The old judge said: “Give him a test!”

Listen to this sentence, Yang burst into hope, turned his head to look grateful old man.

Seeing Duong’s eyes, the old man said: “No thanks, just because the battery is out of balance, so do not light it!”

“Do not do that, do not do that!” Ocean glad swearing, then suddenly realized that his mouth so funny apology.

The balance was loaded with force, Duong again stood up.

The square was dumbfounded.


“DREAM!” Yang bitterly screamed.

“Grandmother it … her grandparents … her maternal relationship …” Ocean walked and muttered cursed, he was so humiliated that he did not know what to do except to leave the square. Going, Sinh ran to Yang Yang.

“Where are you going?”

“Come on!” Yang replied curtly.

“Another knowledge test,” Sinh said.

“Knowledge test? For what?”

“I know you are sad because of Colorless, but do not you often explode to be a Metalist?”

“Alchemists are one of the most noble occupations of the Vietnamese elite, who use sophisticated knowledge to research and make all kinds of Treasures, Spiritual …” love to hear Duong.

“Is there a way to get Sextoy, Viagra types?” Bright eyes, silent in his head.

Google was silent as if pondering: “Okay!”

“So how do you become Alchemy?”

“Need knowledge and power to load items, can be replaced by others.” Google answers regularly.

“OK! Then do the Alchemy! ”

Born standing next to the ocean face is fading back suddenly brighten up, shook his head thought: “Poor kid, just finished throwing it all!

From that moment, despite the kids tease laughing, Yang just vanished. Google has loaded him with detailed information about the profession of Alchemy, Alchemy divided into 5 levels:

Wizard – Master – Master – Master – Master

Alchemist is very important because spirituality is just training and alchemy requires a great deal of knowledge and wisdom to understand that knowledge. Surrender immediately after looking at the duplicate bookshelves message that is called “Basic knowledge of Wizard”. It is very difficult to make an imitation of a monk, but it is impossible to make an endless treasure; a low-level treasure is sold at ten times the cost of production. then the word hundred times, thousand times.

Yang may have no spiritual qualities, but with an old man from another world like him, plus a huge library of knowledge that Google could load all the knowledge into the head so he immediately understood and remembering as if he himself had learned for a long time, alchemy teacher is no different to the profession dedicated to Duong, until then do not need to seek the goddess goddess, The reward is full of people willing to risk their lives to find him.

At noon, students began to test their knowledge, the square was now erected with lots of canopies, hundreds of tables and chairs lined up waiting for the students to sit down.

A paper is a set of 500 multiple choice questions from historical knowledge, science, soul and even logical intelligence questions.

500 quizzes over a 4-hour period, though losing lots of time, but thanks to Goolge, Duong did very quickly, reading through the question as to whether the answers and explanations inscribed in the head. So less than 2 hours later, Duong brought up the post.


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