Sex stories – 12 goddesses (part 3)

Only overnight, the title of waste – impotence – Duong drowning was transmitted throughout the district of Dong Nai province. Early in the morning, Duong slowly opened his eyes and rinsed his mouth. Then a group of people came to his house, including Le Ly.
In the spacious living room of the Vo family, Le Ly closed his eyes and sat next to a middle-aged woman, who looked quite beautiful, but far away from her, with her husband, besides her a middle-aged man, They are Le Ly’s parents.

Yang and Diem sat on the opposite side of the three.

“I do not know today you and your grandchildren should not welcome, please look forward to your sympathy.” Lady lady asked the maid tea for the Le family.

Le Ly’s mother, the wife snorted: “Hu! Do not pretend to pretend? ”

Lady eyes wide: “What do you say?”

“How do you know all the children in this district, I think we should visit?” The wife said harshly, her husband Le Hoang is very delicate Lady, making her jealous. Le Hoang’s husband and Vo Phi Thien’s late father was Duong’s friend, making a dating engagement for Duong and Ly since she was young, she strongly protested but eventually heard her husband, now know Pengyung was impatient and she was not happy, she was happy to pull her husband from kissing.

“From kissing to say straight, around the pants do what old man?” Seeing the humorous attitude of the Lady, Yang folded hands shaking thighs back.

Called the old man, angry lady raised his hands to slap Duong, but Le Hoang holding his hand.

At this time, Le Hoang said: “Diem, the day before me and my brother is supposed to kiss between baby Ly and Duong, but you also know, believe her son was impotent rumors everywhere, How can bring happiness to our daughter?

“Fear is not incurable!” Lady said, her voice became cold, her hands holding son express faith, as if to say that even if it is waste, Yang is still her mother .

The wife snorted as if she was sniffing dog feces: “Can you cure? What is the best thing to take care of my daughter’s future? Vo’s family property will soon collapse in his hands only! ”


A big canvas, Duong, Ly, and Le Hoang looked up to see the Lady had been hit by a knife to print a fingerprints on her face.

“She!” Seeing his wife beaten, Le Hoang stood up.

“What about me?” The lady poked her chin up provocatively.

“She …” Le Hoang said no words, it is true that he had an affair with Mrs. Lady, but because of love daughter should hear his wife’s face from here to kiss.

“You see that whore hit me without fighting? I crave it very much? ”


Miss again received a slap, this time from her husband.

“He hit me! How good … “Lady lamented standing up crying face, Ly Ly shivering stand embracing her mother.

“Stop dissolving! I agreed to cancel the wedding! “The air was cold, Yang splashed his arms as the flies and said.

“I …” The lady grinned at her son.

“I do not like mother, I do not like the type of mercenary mercenaries …” Duong laughed with her wife, then glanced at Le Ly: “Wish her soon get her husband! When you get married, invite me … “Ocean stopped, laughed sarcastically and added:” Her husband in front of her husband is more excited to take her as a wife … Ha ha … ”

“MAY!” At this time, Le Hoang also indignant, the guy out of the power to make Yang hair crown.

“Le Hoang, spiritual force level 3.” Google said, in addition to knowledge, Yang also discovered it has many uses, one of which is the measure of strength. The force has 10 levels from Normal to High, each level is divided into 10 levels from level 1 to level 10, level 10 passes to higher level.


Google speaks loudly, he stood still but old Le Hoang disappeared, the wall behind the old man Hoang hole a big hole to Duong, Ly and Linh lady do not understand why, only see Lady step down from her legs.

“Lady, Spirit Spirit Level 7.”

“The pot said the pan!” Ocean startled, exclaimed, what level is the Spirit? The Lord can proclaim the whole domain, and the Spirit is the rank below God. Yang never thought of his beautiful mother chest is a ghost!

The lady did not know that the Lady was the Spirit, but she knew her husband was a Level 3 Leprechaun, but only ate a fare that had already vanished, so how dreadful was this lady?

“Bring your husband out of here, do not let me see you again!” Lady said coldly.

Missing wife wanted to panty pants, shivering Le Ly led out the wrong people carry Le Hoang unconscious person brought back.

“Mother harm!” Yang thumbs up wink with wife Lady.

Lady back to the gentle seductive routine, she bent to kiss on the cheeks to make it face red: “Then there will be a son stronger than her mother! Because you are my mother! ”

Diem’s ​​kiss to the surface, he replied: “Will definitely come that day! Then you

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