Sex stories – 12 goddesses (part 4)

A few days later, in a formal office, a large table was placed in the window, and a beautiful woman with glasses was sitting on her chin with her hand on her profile.
A man knocked on the door and took a folder and walked over.

“Principal! There are enrollment results! ”

“What?” The head of the headmaster, though insensitive, was full of charm.

“The whole country has 216 levels, 22 levels of gold, 2 levels of red … and 1 level of color”

The beautiful headmaster nodded, her breath making the crotch exposed under the sexy shirt collar: “Very pretty … What about the knowledge test?”

“Selected the top 20 highest points, the lowest reached 192 points, the second highest candidates reached 228 points …”

“How tall?” The headmaster raised his eyebrows.

“Highest … 500 rounds, completed in 112 minutes!” The man’s voice trembled, he was a professor but could not make it through the 400 mark of the test, so a 13-year-old boy Can again complete the record score in record time!

The headmaster also jumped: “Take me to see the profile!”

Vo Phi Duong, 13 years old, tall … heavy …;

Properties: None Color;

Knowledge: 500 points, time 112 minutes. ”

“A very interesting teenager …” The headmaster smiled, and the 500-question epic was absolutely impossible to cheat, as no one could cheat in all 500 sentences, she thought. genius in genius

Medieval times, the world is a vast world peace with five continents …

Then one day a great disaster struck …

The sunk in darkness and gradually shattered …

At that time, the country of Vietnam emerged as one of the supreme gods again. But even the Supreme, Lac Long Quan can not save the spirit, he eventually sacrificed himself seal the Philippines into another dimension.

Vietnam became the last stronghold of the world. Over the next 4000 years, how many dynasties passed, Vietnam now divided into three regions and one sea, the center of the four regions are four city hall, including Ha Thanh of the North, Sai Thanh of the South, and Long Thanh of the South China Sea.

Thanh Thanh is considered to be the heart of the South, where the residence of a lord and a place of the most noble academy in the South, the Goddess Academy.

After the annual exams, the young men with white spirit, Lam and average intellectual qualification will be admitted to the school of the district, province. As well as the genius of Luc upward and top 20 knowledge testers will be recruited into the Academy of God.

Two teenagers Duong and Sinh sat in a carriage toward Sài Thành, chatting and watching the new surroundings.

“The Old Goddess Academy was the residence of a goddess,” Sinh said.

“Really?” Duong brightened his eyes, if it was true, he would find the goddess at all costs. And also, the question is related to Goddess is Google silent or error.

The Goddess Academy is located in a large area in the outskirts of Saigon, an architectural style that reminds Duong of old world universities. Yang and Sinh stand in front of the school gate, looking at the majestic buildings that can not breathe in a breath, this is where they will live in the next few years.

Yang and Sinh follow directions to the dormitory.

“Although the body is male but your soul is female, let me live with my real sex, go to me … let me in the female dormitory …” The birthplace of embarrassing as if not familiar with him.


“Your mother!” The mother escaped, scolding her.

“Why curse me?” Ocean breathed pink rose step ladder.

“You do not play with me, do not you bring me to the top?”

Male dormitories have 20 floors, no elevators, usually the higher school students in the upper floor to exercise physically.

“My room is here! Hurry! “Ocean stood panting in front of room 2016, he grabbed the arm open the door.


The door was open, a suitcase flew straight to the surface of the Ocean so he fell faint.

Not knowing how long, Ocean opened his eyes.

“He’s awake.” The voice was as clear as the cheerful girl’s voice sounded.

Yang found himself in a room and four children surrounded him, including Sinh.

“Heaven collapse?” Ocean rose, headache still dizzy.

“Not … You do not knock at the door, I miss the hand … throw the suitcase …” The white child as the girl said pout.

“Miss the suitcase, deliberately we are being emergency now?” Ocean eyes scolded.

“Who are you?” Asked the Ocean.

Kids started introducing. He said, “I’m Lam Chung.”

The fat guy says, “I’m from Xu.”

Sinh also introduced himself: “I’m a puppet.”

“I am the Poet, mistaken, I am Phi Duong.”

“You?” The four turned to look at the other boy

“My name is … Like Japan!”

“The name is just like the man …” Yang rubbed his cheek as Japan laughed, then he pouted, adding: “As well as Japan, male not male, female not female.”

“You!” As Japanese anger raised a small fist to the surface Yang.

“What about me? Hey, come on! Dare? ”


Yang punched the Japanese unstable force pop out, his face stiff and fainted into bed.

Yang regained consciousness, three students Sinh, Chung, Tran came to the room, only As Nhat is lying on the bed in the opposite. Each male dormitory room has 3 beds in three sides. In addition, there is a bathroom with a toilet in the corner, in the middle of the room is quite suitable for gathering food and drink.

“Province?” As Japanese glance to see Yang opened his eyes.

Yang rubbed his head aching: “Where are the other three?”

“Back to the room!”

Sinh, Tran and Chung in the same room 2015.

Duong looked down at the empty bed again and asked, “The room is just me and you?”

“Ừ!” Japan replied curtly, but Yang saw clearly that Japan slightly bowed to make Yang feel suspicious.

“Hu Jintao, 13, Red, Granddaughter of the Great Japanese God.”

Listen to Google are introduced, Ocean as stunted as a tree, as if his brain was slammed As Nguyet out. Not because of Red, not because of terrorist, but because of a word: “HAPPY!”

“God, girl! I was in the same room with the girl! Holy angels thank you for blessing me! ”

“What are you doing?” Seeing Yang suddenly sat up and hands clasped the ceiling, Japan or ask.

“A nothing! Ha ha … “At this time Yang looked at As Nguyet’s face, her face was plump, her lips rosy, her nose was neatly tapered and her eyes were dark black under her curved eyelashes. You are painted thick and your male high-end hair should look like a flour dude rather than a fine beautician.

“But … hu hu …” Thinking of his dead boy, Duong cried out loudly.

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