Sex stories – 12 goddesses (part 5)

Students of the Goddess Academy are not divided into classes, depending on the nature and wisdom that each student will have a private program that suits his or her own. For example, Duong will have a history course focusing on the subject areas of knowledge to become a professors or professors, such as Japanese, Sinh, Tran, Chung will be trained in spirituality and knowledge will still be must study but not deep.
But firstly everyone must learn the same basic.

The lecture hall is like a movie theater with rows leading to the lectern. The first pupils sat on the lively tables discussing the first lesson, fearing that they could not use their spiritual strength, having bragged for reading in the book, the two boys Lam Chung, Tu Tran I do not want to fight about something that caused birth to ineluctable, while Duong sat trembling the girl.

“Loli! God is a loli gong, I’m all white fresh beautiful! “Ocean sitting soe open mouth, saliva loss of self-flowing down the chin. Pure environment, people living in harmony with nature so almost everyone healthy and healthy, although not everyone is pretty beautiful boys, but average beauty is far from his old world.

“Japan is not you?” I do not remember seeing Nhat Nhat, and asked.

“Do not know! He walked before me? “Ocean shook his head, he did not intend to reveal to others as Japan is female.

“SORROWINGS!” There was a flurry of a loud female voice calling out to the neophyte, eyes moved to the podium to find the person who made the sound.

Yang is also blind, hearing this voice is convinced he is convinced teacher is a fine woman.

The door opened, the morning light rushed in, a shadow through the sun entering the room in front of hundreds of blind eyes watching.

“Oh fate!”

“Oh! Oh!

“Sorry, my eyes!”

Yang also covered his eyes so that something just hit his eyes. Oh man! After a crisp voice is a man who looks like an athlete.

“You are quiet!” The teacher shouted loudly, many of whom refused to believe, trying to look out the window to find out who was shouting, the rest trying to stop laughing.

“Hello children, teacher named Dung, teacher will teach the core discipline.”

Dung introduced the introduction and then go into the basic content. During the first semester is the boring theory that Yang yawn ceaseless sleep because of that knowledge he just asked google is understand and remember as self-study.

But the next class is interesting. Mr. Dung led all the newborn to a corner of the school grounds, where there are many sand bags, wood, stone types.

“The basic function of spirituality is strengthening the body, a normal punch can not break the iron because the iron is harder than the human, but a powerful punch …”


Dung put his hand on a large rock, the rock is broken and his hand is still not a scratch scratches the new generation happy.

“This is the basic plane of the Incarnate Spirit. Having mastered the power of the incarnation, they can perform many skills such as strengthening muscles to attack harder, move faster, firmer flesh, strengthen the larynx to emit sound Bigger, stronger sense to help children hear better, see better … What the other asked?

Duong excited excited raised his hand, Dung called.

“There is no positive energy teacher?” Ocean eagerly asked, the boys laughed loudly support and the girls are red face.

“Okay! Unless impotence because the spiritual realm incarnate only helps strengthen, does not help reproduce.

Yang is sad, there is only Sinh, Lang and Ly understand why, Lang is very surprised to see Yang was admitted to the Academy of God, strange strange water, the junior is also not around. He also did not open mouth to tease Duong, Ly still obsessed about her mother a rock kick her father.

“Next to spirituality, spirituality is the fusion of spiritual forces with elements such as fire, water, drag, room … to increase the effect of force. For example, he has fire properties … ”

Master Dung bent down to grab a handful of dry grass to hold in the palm of his hand, the force of transportation radiate to grass grasp flames, new births to clap clap clap. Followed by the fire dance and the lecture of Mr. Dung, the new cheer cheering as watching the circus monkey.

“To determine which attribute suits them, they first need to condense. Before entering the school, all children were given a medical examination, ensuring that they did not have complications, so this is their first exercise … ”

“All sit down and follow you.”

Dung sat down on his knees.

“Take a deep breath and feel … what do you see?”

“Seeing dark!” Yang replied, making everyone laugh.

“What’s so funny? It is dark! “Said Dung.

“Concentrate on the spirit, in that darkness there are many bright colors in many colors!” Mr. Dung continued: “Try to focus on the bright spots, bring them together into a block!”

15 minutes passed …

“Can anyone do that?” Asked Dung.

The sound was not heard.

“New! I’m kidding, go back to class and get a guidebook and follow! “Dung laughed wryly.


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